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With your purchase, you will receive a certificate verifying the authenticity of your oriental rug. Due to our years of experience in the Oriental rug business, we have the expertise to appraise your rug.

We can also appraise any oriental rug you already own, and provide you with a signed and sealed Certificate of Authenticity. Appraisal charges are minimal, whether performed in your home or in our store.


To maintain the beauty and longevity of your rug, we provide expert cleaning in our facility for all types of hand made rugs including: wools, silks, durries, braided, flat-weave, killim, and needlepoint rugs. Pick up and delivery service is available. For best results, handmade rugs should be professionally cleaned every two to four years depending on the traffic. 

Repair and Reweaving

With our experience, no repair is beyond us. We offer full professional repairs from fixing fringes, re-binding, repairing torn areas, re-dying of white knots, and reweaving missing sections or moth damaged areas. From our large selection of wool and silk, we are able to match the colors on any rug.  We can repair any part of your rug and return it to its original condition. 

Rug Pads​


We provides different type of pads. Types of pads we offer are for hardwood, tile, concrete, or on top of wall to wall carpet. Using a pad will keep your rug in place, as well as provide cushion. Appropriate padding suggestions will be made when your rug is purchased. All of our pads are treated with MSM-Fresh® to inhibit growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, or mildew, and is guaranteed not to damage neither your floor nor your rug for 10 years.

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