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9A0337 Indian Sari Mamluk 8.11x11
9A0414 Indian Modern 9x12   (5)
9A0441 Afghan Bijar 8.11x12   (7)
9A0477 Afghan Oushak 9x11.7   (7)
9A0440 Afghan Bijar 8.11x11.10   (2)
9A0355 Indian Modern 9x12.1   (6)
9A0417 Persian Heriz 8.10x11.8  (3)
8A193 Indian Modern 8x9.8   (3)
9A0350 Indian Modern 9x12.2  (7)
8A357 Indian Modern 8.1x10.1   (6)
8259 Indian Sari Silk 8.1x10.2   (3)
9281 Indian Modern 8.11x11.9   (7)
9A0216 Indian Sari Mamluk 9x12   (5)
9A0274 Persian Heriz 9.1x12.2   (4)
8A199 Indian Modern 8x10.2   (2)

Welcome to Kaskas Rugs!

At Kaskas Oriental Rugs, we directly import the finest new and antique hand woven rugs from all the major rug-weaving areas of the world. By eliminating the middle man, we are able to pass our savings on to the customer.


With our low prices, the finest rugs become more affordable. A hand woven rug is a great investment for your home or office.  Come visit one of our rug galleries today.

New Arrivals


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